Walmsley&Cole Flowers At Clevedon Farmers Market

Introducing Walmsley&Cole Flowers...

In early August Nick and I decided to turn our passion for gardening into a business and Walmsley&Cole Flowers was born. We added cutting beds to Our established garden and began planting more of the old fashioned cottage garden annuals and perennials that we love.

These include cosmos, roses, granny bonnets, dahlias, sweet William, gladioli, sweet pea, zinnia and much more + they are spray free. 

Our flowers have perfume, colour and natural form that embraces a romantic and nostalgic style of floral design.

Walmsley&Cole Flowers had its first stall at the Clevedon Farmers Market, Auckland, New Zealand last Sunday selling beautiful bunches of our fresh seasonal flowers.

We will have a stall there throughout summer autumn and spring.

If you would like to find out more about our home sales and delivery please contact -


Or phone 0212975356 

follow us on instagram @faithwalmsleycole


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